Thursday, October 20, 2011

How I Predict the Weather

I always know when it's going to rain. How, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. Let me begin by showing you what my hair usually looks like.

Sometimes, I get up the nerve to attack the jungle with a straightener. 

I excitedly go outside to show off my straight mane to the world.

You'll never guess what happens next.

It rains. And, my hair returns to it's former glory.

This happens. Every time. Without fail. It also usually rains the day after I wash my car.

The End.

Monday, October 3, 2011

No Cut Man

Last week, my sisters, mom, and I went to a Taylor Swift concert. It was a great experience apart from one teensy incident.

Luckily, we had arrived at the concert early, because there were hordes of people EVERYWHERE. We wanted to get Taylor Swift T-shirts, so we made our way to the back of the line. It looked like this.

Except longer. Finally, we neared the front of the line. Let me add that almost everyone around me was a ten year old girl.

There was a man in the sea of girls, and all of a sudden he decided to make a scene. I have no idea what compelled him to do so.

The ten year olds and I were a little confused by his sudden outburst. The line was crowded and jumbled but we were all patiently and excitedly waiting for our shirts.

All of a sudden, the man singled me out.

I have no idea why he chose to direct his fury at me.

I tried to reason with the man. But he just kept getting louder and angrier. More people were beginning to notice.

Confused and a little frightened, I let the scary man go in front of me. I then got my shirt and went on to enjoy the concert. I almost feel bad for this guy, though. I picture him going for life permanently angry and scary to people around him.
Mr. No Cut Man, please stop being so mean. That is no way to live, my friend.

The End