Monday, October 29, 2012

"the conversation"

My blog is back! I might make a post with all of my excuses for neglecting the three people who read this... but for now, this is what has been on my mind.

There's this little awkward thing that happens between two people who don't know each other very well, but run into each other once every few months. I like to call it "the conversation."

There are a few different ways it can play out. If you're going to have "the conversation" with someone, this is the best possible way it will ever go. Awkward at best.

You don't really know what to say, so you end up saying "good" a million times. Then there's a few seconds of really really awkward silence, then you both make excuses to leave. 

You walk away wishing it had never happened. 

But, it could be worse. Because usually, this happens. 
 You predict what they were going to say.
You have a fifty-fifty chance of guessing right, but nine times out of ten you guess wrong. 

Once again, followed by awkward silence. 

The End