Monday, November 7, 2011

It's raining money!

This is you. (I know, it's an eerily accurate depiction.)

(Pay no attention to the cat. I'm not really sure why I drew that...)

Well, my friend, then this will happen.

*disclaimer* Following my blog will not actually increase the chances that money will rain from the sky.  However, it will make me feel better, and increase the amount of cartoons! As of now, I have five followers, and I feel a little depressed about it. So, if you like my blog, please please please please follow it! 


Sunday, November 6, 2011

School and Things

Sometimes, I have random panic attacks. They usually pertain to due dates I'm about to miss, friends birthdays that I've missed, or other important events.

This is how it will usually occur.

Last week, I actually remembered that the paper was due earlier in the day. I figured I had plenty of time, so I'd get some other things done first...

Finally, I began the paper around midnight.

I finished, and went to bed feeling pretty good about myself.

The boy I sit next to was eyeing my paper, looking confused. Finally, he leaned over. 

So, I stayed up til 3 for nothing.


*While working on this, Holly and Micah decided to try out my Bamboo Tablet. I thought their work was worth showcasing.*